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best daily horoscope today

Best Daily Horoscope Today 19-September-2022

Best Daily Horoscope today, You are the creator of your reality:-

Cancer, you are the creator of your reality, and it all starts with you. As you find the courage to take that first step, take a moment to reflect on what you hope to bring to life over the next few months. Leo, you will be rewarded for your courage a Thousand fold. It has been said that no transformation in the world begins with the person getting tired of their own BS. I am confident you would be able to verify this.

During this stage in your life, you are becoming more aware of your patterns than you have ever been, and this awareness is enabling you to transform what no longer serves your highest and greatest good. So, think of this as a time to rewrite the script, beautiful. Mercury isn’t the only planet in retrograde, Capricorn. Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are all moving backwards as well.

Therefore, rather than punishing yourself for feeling a little foggy and groggy this month, allow this storm to pass. This is not the time to make major decisions or expect to solve all your problems.

Best Daily Horoscope today, ARIES:-



But what if it doesn’t transpire in the way that you imagine it will? If your timeline doesn’t correspond to the timeline Spirit has in mind? Take a step back and observe the fluctuations of the monkey mind. If you are struggling with self-negating beliefs, step back and look at how they are affecting you. It is possible to get out of this maze, but you must take the path of least resistance, beautiful

Here’s a cosmic tip: Take the path of least resistance.

TAURUS Best Daily Horoscope today:-


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This week, you’re waking up with a spring in your step. You’re exhilarated at the idea of all that you are about to co-create. You may find yourself planning a trip this week. You might be able to travel and discover a new place, if you will. Make sure to plan ahead, but also leave room for surprises. During the retrograde season, a mantra that will keep you sane is, ‘Go with the flow.’

Here’s a cosmic tip: It’s time to go on an adventure.

GEMINI Best Daily Horoscope today:-


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Today, you’re feeling love and you’re feeling loved. You understand that it all starts with you. Your vibrational frequency determines the experiences you have in the external world. So, send out a prayer of gratitude, will you? Send a prayer of gratitude for all that you have and all that lies ahead, beautiful. Your cup is about to overflow.

The cosmic tip: is that even if you tried, you wouldn’t be able to count your blessings.

CANCER Best Daily Horoscope today:-


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Cancer, you are the creator of your reality, and it all begins with you. As you find the courage to take that first step in the coming months, think about what you want to breathe life into. Your boldness will be rewarded many times over, so you should enjoy this beautiful phase in love and romance. As you merge and melt with one another, you will unlock the portal of intimacy and realize that you are two bodies and one soul at the same time.

There is a cosmic tip: to be heeded for this moment: You are two bodies and one soul, and you are ready to open the portal of intimacy.

Best Daily Horoscope today LEO:-


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You would be able to testify to this a hundred percent, Leo. There is no transformation in the world that does not begin with one getting tired of one’s own nonsense. Your journey is at a point where you are becoming more aware of your patterns than you have ever been. This awareness is helping you transmute what no longer serves your highest and greatest good. Beautiful, how do you feel called to rewrite your life script? It’s something to think about as you sip your morning tea, beautiful.

Here’s a cosmic tip: It’s time to rewrite history.

VIRGO, Best Daily Horoscope today:-


6 1

The good news is, they don’t have to like you, Virgo. You’re being called to do what’s right for you and the collective, regardless. The week ahead is also bringing with it the lesson of tough love. By letting go of the need to please others, you will be able to find true freedom. Some of you may have to ask for more accountability in your interpersonal relationships. People who value your presence in their lives will go the extra mile to accommodate you.

Here’s a cosmic tip: Tough love is in order.

LIBRA Best Daily Horoscope today:-


7 1

When you can wear your heart on your sleeve and feel everything there is to feel, what’s the point of playing it cool? During this time of opening your heart, Libra, you must remember that you are loved and you are loved. You should trust that your vibrational change will bring all of the right connections into your Universe. Furthermore, your creativity will also be heightened at this time. Put your energy into art, music, poetry, or drama. Bringing more joy and beauty into this world is part of your sacred purpose.

Cosmic tip: This is a time of opening your heart.


8 1

The start of the week has you feeling all kinds of enthusiastic. There is so much you want to achieve in the coming days and you don’t know where to begin. Just remember to pace yourself, beautiful. For those who have recently embarked on a new journey, this is a reminder to be gentle with yourself. You don’t have to have it all together. Allow yourself to make a few mistakes, and let yourself figure it all out as you go.

The cosmic tip: If you have just started over, be gentle with yourself.


9 1

But, when was the last time you took yourself out? When was the last time you did something just for yourself? When was the last time you gave yourself the permission to be nursed back to life by nature and her many miracles? This week, you’re being encouraged to slow down, be present to your own needs, and find that elusive mind, body, and soul balance. When you’re dealing with things of the heart, give yourself permission to ‘receive’. Despite what your past may tell you, you deserve the love you desire. This week, you are being encouraged to find balance between your mind, body, and soul.

This week’s cosmic tip: encourages you to find balance between your mind, body, and soul.


10 1

Your ruling planet Saturn, along with Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus, is also in retrograde, Capricorn. In other words, it’s just natural to feel a little bit foggy and a little bit groggy this month. Instead of being harsh on yourself, let this storm pass. Now isn’t the best time to make big decisions, or you can’t expect yourself to have the solution to everything.

The cosmic tip: is to wait till the storm passes before making any major decisions.


11 1

There is something magical about this time at Aquarius HQ. You’re getting closer to fruition season. Watching your labour of love take shape is a wonderful experience. Take a moment to thank the mysterious forces for the harvest. The key to living a fulfilling life lies in finding a balance between doing and being, and this retrograde seems to be teaching you just that.

Here’s a cosmic tip: Harvest season is just around the corner.


12 1

Be aware of what makes you unique. During this period, you will become aware of the gifts you were granted at birth. It is your sacred contract to share these gifts with the world, beautiful. Prior to boarding the spaceship to the earthly realm, you voluntarily committed to the mission. You will face resistance, Pisces, even if you have recommitted to your goals. Don’t expect everything to fall into place just because you recommitted. It will be hard on some days to trust yourself, but keep going, knowing that the mysterious forces are working with and through you to help you accomplish what you once thought impossible.

A cosmic tip: It’s time to unlock the gifts you were born with.

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